Allergies #01

Allergy testing

  • Alive and well - or under the weather and don't quite know why?

  • Treat the cause not just the symptoms

    Finding out just what it is that is a problem is not always easy on your own. Together we can find out which foods and other substances seem to be causing problems for you. Then I can advise on a range of methods of treatment.

    Temporary changes in diet are often all that is needed to restore balance by giving your body a rest. Then the offending substances can be gradually re-introduced until you find the level which is best for you. Sometimes this is not enough and then we can look at other methods to help you to restore your system so it no longer over-reacts.

    If you are unsure whether you need to make changes to your diet or environment or if you need a homeopathic consultation ring me for advice without any obligation to make an appointment.

  • Live Life to the Full

    Allergy Clinics:

    Find out more or make an appointment by telephoning me direct on 01392 412767 or 07986 157854 or email by clicking on the link at the top left of this page.

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